Stay off the ladder. Stay safe. Get the job done.


High Reach Extension Pole

The DocaPole, our flagship product, is the ultimate solution to all your hard-to-reach tasks. We offer this high reach extension pole in three sizes, so click the Learn More button to explore which size is best for your application.


Declared the #1 extendable duster on the market by Bob Vila, DocaPole’s market leading high-reach dusting and cleaning products ensure no surface goes uncleaned.


DocaPole Window Cleaning Kits are the ultimate high-reach window cleaning solution. Achieve sparkling clean second and third story windows from the ground. Choose from three squeegee styles: Single Pivot, Dual Pivot, and Classic Car.


Your answer for changing high and hard-to-reach light bulbs – From outdoor floodlights to indoor canned lighting, with our high reach extension poles, you can finally reach all your flat-faced overhead lighting without a ladder.


Reach farther and higher with DocaPole: from pruning the tallest branches with a GoSaw to stringing lights with a Big Reach Hook, from clearing debris with a Roof Rake to picking the juiciest apple with a Fruit Picker.

GoSaw Pruning

Trim the very tallest branches without a ladder. Stay safe on the ground.

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Big Reach Hook

Hang and retrieve even the highest objects. Complete hundreds of tasks.

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Adjustable Roof Rake

Clear leaves, sticks, and debris from high roofs while keeping your feet planted.

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Fruit Picker

Reach your favorite delicious fruits without ever needing to climb a ladder.

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DocaPole car cleaning products ensure every inch of your car, truck, boat, or RV gets the wash in needs. Easy cleaning. Exquisite results.


From tough scrubbing to gentle brushing, from general utility to light-weight efficiency, there is a DocaPole brush to fit your needs. Choose from four types and sizes.


Multiple camera adapter and pole combinations allow you to expand the range of your lenses, sound, and lighting, all made possible with a high reach extension pole. What angles will you capture with your DocaPole?

Stay off the ladder.

Stay safe.

Get the job done.
Stay off the ladder.
Stay safe.
Get the job done.

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