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The DocaPole Light Bulb Changer is the perfect telescopic light bulb changer for high ceilings, recessed light bulbs, and outdoor flood lights. Change all your hard-to-reach flat-faced bulbs without a ladder.

Premium Silicon

The key to any suction cup light bulb changer is the quality of the suction cup - the DocaPole Light Bulb Changer features a premium silicone suction cup made and patented in U.S.

A stainless steel locking pin runs horizontally through the base of the suction cup - this ensures the suction cup does not spin in the housing unit during use.

Optimal Design

The DocaPole Light Bulb Changer is optimally designed for flat, smooth light bulbs, such as recessed lights, canned lighting, and flood lights.

Secure Lock

The secure-lock thumb screw secures the changer onto the pole ensuring it does not unscrew during use.

The internal locking nut ensures the thumb screw does not strip the plastic in the housing unit - this is one of the main complaints about the vast majority of light bulb changers on the market.

Innovative Features

- Premium USA silicone suction cup

- Stainless steel secure-lock screw

- Stainless locking nut to prevent stripping

- Pre-looped steel wire and clasp with thread

- Pin-lock prevents suction cup from spinning

Reach higher.
Stay off the ladder.
Stay safe.