Car Wash Brush Extension Pole

Reach More Spots

Your solution for reaching every dirty spot no matter how high

Maintaining the appearance of your car requires a little more than just a wet rag and some soap. Owners need a toolkit of specialized equipment to get ideal results, but it’s not always convenient to hunt down exactly what you need. DocaPole offers the tools you need to keep your vehicle shining.

Whether you want car wash brush extension poles, soft car cleaning brushes, or window squeegees, you’ll find the best tools in one place.

During your cleaning, it’s essential you don’t press your body against the vehicle, as doing so can ruin the job you just completed. Washing hard-to-reach spaces, such as the roof or windshield, requires the use of a car wash brush extension pole, giving you the reach you need to maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness.

DocaPole Car Wash Kit

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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All the car cleaning tools in one convenient kit. Simply choose your preferred size pole. Each Car Cleaning Kit includes the following: UltraSoft Brush, Squeegee/Scrubber, Cleaning Head, Wash Mitts Pair, & Extension Pole

DocaPole Car Cleaning Kit includes:

UltraSoft Brush

- UltraSoft "flocked" bristles

- Multi-angle surface design

- 5-sided bristle maximizes surface area contact

- Compatible with standard ACME threaded attachments


- Net-wrapped foam window washer one side

- Rubber blade squeegee on the other side (15")

- Perfect for cleaning windshields and windows on cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and 18-wheelers, as well as large home windows

- Clean, clear, streak-free windows

Cleaning Head

- Scratch-Free Microfiber Chenille prevents damage on fine cleaning surfaces

- Works well wet or dry so the Cleaning Head also doubles as a Wall Duster

- Machine washable for easy cleaning

- Use by hand or on the extension pole to wash windshields, windows, and other delicate surfaces

Wash Mitts

- Ultra-absorbent chenille microfibers

- Use wet and use dry

- Doubles as a great duster

- Enables precise detail cleaning of otherwise hard-to-clean surfaces

- Machine washable for simple cleansing

- 2 Mitts are included

Choose from the above kit or pick your favorite attachment to pair perfectly with your DocaPole

DocaPole UltraSoft Bristle Brush

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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UltraSoft “flocked” bristles prevent the scrub brush from scratching cleaning surfaces, such as car paint, house siding or windows.

DocaPole Classic Car Squeegee/Scrubber

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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Get rid of the muck and bugs that plague your windshield and prevent your wipers from doing their job. A net-wrapped foam scrubber and a 15” squeegee ensure your windows stay clean, clear, and streak-free.

DocaPole Cleaning Head

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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Use by hand or on the telescopic pole to wash windshields, windows, and other surfaces where non-brush cleaners are preferred – the cleaning cloth is easily removable and machine-washable.

DocaPole Wash Mitts

(pack includes 2 mitts)


Ultra-absorbent chenille microfibers clean wet and clean dry; remove dust, dirt, and grime from home and automotive surfaces to reveal shiny, clean surfaces – includes 2 wash mitts.

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