DocaPole Car Cleaning

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Your solution for reaching every dirty spot no matter how high

DocaPole Car Wash Kit

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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All the car cleaning tools in one convenient kit. Simply choose your preferred size pole. Each Car Cleaning Kit includes the following: UltraSoft Brush, Squeegee/Scrubber, Cleaning Head, Wash Mitts Pair, & Extension Pole

DocaPole Car Cleaning Kit includes:

UltraSoft Brush

- UltraSoft "flocked" bristles

- Multi-angle surface design

- 5-sided bristle maximizes surface area contact

- Compatible with standard ACME threaded attachments


- Net-wrapped foam window washer one side

- Rubber blade squeegee on the other side (15")

- Perfect for cleaning windshields and windows on cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and 18-wheelers, as well as large home windows

- Clean, clear, streak-free windows

Cleaning Head

- Scratch-Free Microfiber Chenille prevents damage on fine cleaning surfaces

- Works well wet or dry so the Cleaning Head also doubles as a Wall Duster

- Machine washable for easy cleaning

- Use by hand or on the extension pole to wash windshields, windows, and other delicate surfaces

Wash Mitts

- Ultra-absorbent chenille microfibers

- Use wet and use dry

- Doubles as a great duster

- Enables precise detail cleaning of otherwise hard-to-clean surfaces

- Machine washable for simple cleansing

- 2 Mitts are included

Choose from the above kit or pick your favorite attachment to pair perfectly with your DocaPole

DocaPole UltraSoft Bristle Brush

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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UltraSoft “flocked” bristles prevent the scrub brush from scratching cleaning surfaces, such as car paint, house siding or windows.

DocaPole Classic Car Squeegee/Scrubber

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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Get rid of the muck and bugs that plague your windshield and prevent your wipers from doing their job. A net-wrapped foam scrubber and a 15” squeegee ensure your windows stay clean, clear, and streak-free.

DocaPole Cleaning Head

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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Use by hand or on the telescopic pole to wash windshields, windows, and other surfaces where non-brush cleaners are preferred – the cleaning cloth is easily removable and machine-washable.

DocaPole Wash Mitts

(pack includes 2 mitts)


Ultra-absorbent chenille microfibers clean wet and clean dry; remove dust, dirt, and grime from home and automotive surfaces to reveal shiny, clean surfaces – includes 2 wash mitts.

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