DocaScreen Installation Tips


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1.) Purchase one size up from the window or door dimension needed. You'll want to make sure the screen material overhangs the frame so that it can be properly and tightly installed.

2.) Make sure to match the size of your spline material for the job at hand. Spline comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. The easiest way to match spline is by referencing a small piece from the existing frame. Of course, if you are also replacing the frame, refer to the inner dimension of the frame channels.

3.) Whenever possible, work on a flat, clean surface. Installing spline is much easier when you can leverage your spine tool against a good work table or upon a clean floor. If your window or door frames are not removable, be certain that the surface you are screening is secure and that you are working from a safe place.

4.) Clips can be a tremendous help when installing large screen sections such as screen porches. They help hold your screen material prior to spline installation.



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