Long Reach Extension Pole for Sale

Stay off the ladder. Stay off the roof. Stay safe.

Quality in Every Detail

Solid Metal Tip

Cast metal tip is double-riveted to the aluminum pole for durability and long life. 

Compatible with the wide array of standard ACME threaded tips and accessories available today.

180° Hinge Tip

An additional tip made of  reinforced nylon allows for a wider range of uses for your pole.

Easily attaches to the metal tip for delicate and hard-to-reach angles.

Thumb Lock Levers

Easy flip thumb lever clasps allow for simple pole extension and retraction.

Tension is easily dialed in with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Comfort and Safety

Foam Rubber Handle for comfortable grip and confident operation.

Rubber end (hard plastic with a nail hook loop in the case of the 12 ft.) protects the pole end and eliminates slipping.  

The DocaPole design was rigorously tested against competitor poles for optimal tensile strength at full extension. Further refinements were made for safety of use, resilience over time, and simplicity of storage & transport.

The DocaPole Difference

Ease of Use &
Convenient Storage

No other pole begins so short to extend so long. Accessing the most intricate or tight job is made simple. Poles extend smoothly and easily—even while vertical.

After the job is done, each long reach extension pole easily retracts down to 5, 6, or 7 feet. This means that transporting and storage is a breeze. You'll be able to access more jobs without sacrificing safety or convenience.

Customers Always
Come First

We offer personalized one-to-one service for each and every customer. Simply let us know your issue and we will find a timely solution.

We appreciate your business and hope you are amazed by what a DocaPole can allow you to accomplish. Whether you are a homeowner, DIYer, or professional, please let us know how we can help you reach your job more safely with DocaPole.

Superior Value
100% Guarantee

At DocaPole, we stand by all our poles and attachments as the best on the market. We offer easy-to-access phone support to all of our customers. 

With a DocaPole long reach extension pole, you’re not just getting a pole and a set of awesome attachments, you’re getting a guaranteed high-quality, multi-use extension pole that’s compatible with the full range of our outdoor-use and indoor-use pole attachments.

Optimized for the durability required from professionals as well as the longevity needed for DIY applications, the DocaPole represents the very best extension pole available today at a competitive price.

Choose from three pole sizes: 12 Foot, 24 Foot, and 30 Foot

12 Foot Extension Pole

Extends from a tiny 5 feet to a useful 12 feet.


This size is perfect for home interiors and lighter tasks like dusting delicate fixtures. (If you need to reach vaulted ceilings, you may want to take a look at the 24 Foot Pole.)

24 Foot Extension Pole

Extends from a modest 6 feet to a whopping 24 feet!


This pole sits in the middle of the range of pole size options. It's versatile and perfect for all but the very highest tasks. (Take a look at the 30 Foot Pole if you need greater reach still.)

30 Foot Extension Pole

Extends from 7 feet to an incredible 30 feet!


This pole is perfect for those highest-to-reach tasks like roof work and tall branch trimming. No other pole on the market can reach so far from such a short starting length.

24 Foot Double Duty Extension Pole

Extends from 6 feet to 24 feet


The Double-Duty Extension Pole features 2X the strength of the best-selling original. Double-strength aluminum walls at twice the thickness of the original pole provide the ruggedness needed for the rigors of the toughest jobs.

Once you've picked your size, it's time to choose attachments:

Light Bulb Changer
see options
Chenille Ceiling Fan Duster
see options
Microfiber Feather Duster
see options
Electrostatic Cob Web Duster
see options
Cleaning Mitts (pair)
see options
Single Pivot Squeegee
see options
Dual Pivot Squeegee
see options
Classic Auto Squeegee
see options
Cleaning Head/ Wall Duster
see options
Six Inch Soft Brush
see options
Soft Brush
see options
Medium Brush
see options
Hard Brush
see options
GoSaw Pruning
see options
Spare Blades
see options
4.5-inch Saw
see options
Utility Hook
see options
4 Inch Rake
see options
Adj. Roof Rake
see options
Camera Adapter
see options
Swivel Adapter
see options
Fruit Picker
see options
Dusting Bundle
see options

Stay off the ladder.
Stay safe.
Get the job done.