Reach & Retrieval Hook for Sale

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Hang and retrieve even the highest objects.

Home gutters are essential to direct the flow of rainwater, but it’s all too common for debris to get caught in there as well. With our reach and retrieval hooks for sale, you can clear out any blockages without having to get out your ladder and clean out the gutters by hand. However, our reach and retrieval hooks do much more than just allow you to safely clean your gutters. They’re also extremely helpful at hanging festive lights on the exterior of your home.

DocaPole hooks offer homeowners a safe and convenient alternative to removing gutter blockages as well as hanging up string lighting around the property. This all-in-one tool provides multiple uses and applications, consolidating several pieces of equipment into one.

Our reach and retrieval hooks for sale eliminate the need to scale tall ladders, removing the risks homeowners face whenever they need to reach high places.

Big Reach Hook

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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Whether it's on a boat or in the truck, at work or around the house, indoors or outdoors, the DocaPole Big Reach Hook comes in handy in so many ways.

What can you reach with a Big Reach Hanging & Retrieval Hook?

String Decorative Lights

String lights indoors and out along your roof line, on tall trees and wide bushes. Hang holiday decorations up the tallest Christmas trees, and wherever your festive imagination takes you.

Manage Ropes, Lines and Cords

Manage sail lines, studio cords, theater ropes, rock climbing gear, extension cords, boat accessories, and other types of string, ropes, lines and wires.

Hang Items Indoors and Out

Hang bird feeders, hammocks, hanging plants, curtains, rugs, blinds, flags, banners, and other high-hanging items.

The Big Reach Hook is also great for increasing your reach while seated in a wheel chair.

Pull Down or Retrieve Branches

Pull down loose branches from trees and off roofs. Retrieve balls, frisbees, drones, and other items that get stuck up high.

So Many Features Packed into One Innovative Tool

Durable for Life

This super sturdy steel and zinc-coated hook is rust-proof, fire-proof, and ready for any job you throw at it. Featuring a solid, milled housing unit, wrench nut, locking screw, standard threading, and dual-purpose push + pull design, the DocaPole Big Reach Hook is perfect for all your hard-to-reach hanging and retrieval needs.

Reinforced joints for maximum strength.

Patented M-shape

The M-shaped "push+pull" design with reinforced end notches maximizes control for pulling wire, hanging cord, stringing lines, and securing rope.

Standardized for Convenience

Standard ACME threading for compatibility with nearly every pole available today

Secure-fit locking Phillips head screw ensures hook won't spin loose during use

The Ideal Solution

The DocaPole Big Reach Hook allows for high-reach hanging, pulling, positioning, and retrieval. Combining with a DocaPole gives you just the right tool to hang lights, untangle lines, and pull items out of trees and off roofs, all while staying firmly on the ground.

Stay off the ladder.
Stay off the roof.
Stay safe.