What's the difference between the two squeegees?

Single-Pivot versus Dual-Pivot


The Single-Pivot Squeegee features a single button that enables the squeegee to pivot side to side and lock in any position. This feature is useful for using the squeegee horizontally and when cleaning window pains with angled trim.

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The Dual-Pivot Squeegee features two buttons that enable the squeegee to both pivot side-to-side and back-and-forth. This second feature is useful for reaching over window sills and ledges to clean all the way to the bottom of the window.

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Single Pivot

A simpler design that rotates around one axis (where you see the "push" thumb button).

Dual Pivot

The Dual Pivot rotates around an additional axis (a second "push" thumb button on the side), giving you more options for high, inset windows and complex angles.


Both squeegee styles rotate around the longitudinal axis.

(like an airplane's roll angle)


Only the Dual Pivot Squeegee rotates around both the longitudinal AND the lateral axis.

(like an airplane's pitch angle)

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