DocaPole Pruning GoSaw

Trim the very tallest branches without a ladder.

GoSaw Pruning Saw

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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A razor sharp 13-inch bi-directional blade with 3-sided taper-ground teeth to trim the highest branches without a ladder—the absolute best dual-use, high-reach pruning saw on the market.

A Feature Rich Tool for Your Yard and Garden

Cut on the push and the pull stroke

The GoSaw's arched shape and bi-directional cut mean that the blade efficiently bites into the branch on both the forward and the backward stroke. 3-sided taper-ground tooth design lends the bite.

Use on a pole or use by hand

Easily detach or mount on any standard ACME threaded extension pole.

Chrome plated finish provides a smooth cut. The same finish also resists rust and extends the life of the blade.

Razor Sharp Teeth

3-sided taper-ground tooth design.

Bi-Directional Cutting

Stainless Bolts

Spare blades are available and easily replaced.

Simply loosen the two mounting bolts (with convenient inset, non-spinning nuts).

Locking Screw

Secure-fit Phillip's head locking screw can be tightened down to prevent the tool from spinning at the end of the pole.

ACME Threading

Standard, near-universal mounting for the vast majority of poles available today.

Ergonomic grip for comfort when a pole isn't needed.

A few Tips and Tricks for using your GoSaw

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Spare GoSaw Blade

(handle and pole sold separately)


Even the finest blades eventually dull. If you plan to use your GoSaw extensively, especially if you are a professional, you may need a spare.

7" Pruning Saw Attachment


The perfect pole tip for efficiently cutting even the most delicate branches from afar—a razor sharp 4½" high carbon steel blade.

Big Reach Sprayer Attachment

(pole sold separately)


The fastest, easiest and most efficient pole-mount sprayer for applying pruning seal, and insecticide at any angle, high or low.

Stay off the ladder.
Stay safe.
Finish more jobs.