DocaPole Adjustable Roof and Garden Rake

Clear More Debris

Clear leaves, sticks, and debris from the highest roofs

Adjustable Roof and Garden Rake

(choose from 12ft, 24ft, & 30ft)

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Easily rake leaves, sticks, and debris off high roofs without getting on a ladder.

Innovative Adjustable Design

Adjusts Narrow

Adjust your rake as narrow as 7.5 inches—great for tight spaces or simply storing your rake.

Easy Flip Lever

Easy Flip Lever allows you to quickly set the desired fan width for the task at hand.

Adjusts Wide

Adjust your rake as wide as 20 inches—perfect for maximum efficiency.

Reach the roof

Clear debris that can cause damage to shingles and clog gutters.

Increase the life and longevity of your roof and drainage system.

Rich Features

No-slip locking thumb screw ensures rake head won't spin loose during use.

Standard ACME threading for compatibility with any common pole.

Use long. Use short.

Efficiently gather leaves and sticks off your grass as well as your roof.

Maintain a beautiful lawn cleared of yard waste.

4" Roof & Shrub Rake

(pole sold separately)


The ideal tool for raking tight flower beds and cultivating vegetable gardens is also perfect for clearing debris from roofs. Attach to any standard threaded extension pole for the maximum benefit to your beautiful home and garden.

Stay off the ladder.
Stay off the roof.
Stay safe.