Basket-Style Light Bulb Changer (pole sold separately)

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Type of Bulb Changer


  • THE CLASSIC LIGHT BULB CHANGER – Paired with a good pole, the DocaPole Bulb Changer is what you need for removing and replacing out-of-reach lighting, especially outdoor flood lights. Attach the tool to an extension pole for convenient light bulb changing. Changer features a rigorously tested premium design of uncompromising build with high-quality materials. Stainless steel hardware provides durability. High impact ABS plastic base allows for long life. Standard ACME threading allows compatibility with many poles. (extension pole sold separately)
  • BASKET-STYLE BULB CHANGER – The classic tool for gently but firmly grabbing and installing a light bulb from a distance. Adjustable gentle-touch silicone “grabbers” or touch points cover the eight steel spring fingers to ensure that the tool gets a positive yet gentle grip on the bulb. Efficient bulb tightening and loosening gets the job done. Slide the silicon pads up or down to accommodate different bulb shapes (not for use in tight enclosures or with smaller incandescent bulbs like chandelier bulbs).
  • SECURE LOCK THUMB BOLT – Both changers feature stainless steel thumb bolts & nut hardware that positively secure the tool onto the pole tip ensuring they do not unscrew from the pole during use.
  • DOCAPOLE 100% GUARANTEE – At DocaPole, we stand by all of our extension poles and attachments as the best on the market. We have a 100% guarantee and offer easy-to-access phone support and customer service to all of our customers. We encourage you to explore our full range of innovative extension pole products and attachments to get the most out of what DocaPole offers.

(pole sold separately)

DocaPole Basket-Style Light Bulb Changer (pole sold separately)

Change your hard-to-reach light bulbs.
Pair with a good extension pole

Efficiently remove and replace most types of bulbs in and around your home or business.

  • Perform hard-to-reach tasks safely without a ladder
    • DocaPole Promise of Satisfaction–We are constantly striving to make your experience with our products the best that it can possibly be
The Classic Lightbulb Changer
  • Premium quality at each stage of design and construction
  • Stainless Steel hardware for durability and rust resistance over time
  • Secure-Lock locking thumb bolts resist tool spin
  • High Impact ABS plastic bases are light weight yet very durable
  • Standard ACME threading for compatibility with any extension pole

DocaPole Basket-Style Light Bulb Changer

Classic, Time-tested, Trusted Design
  • Ideal for 25-35 sized bulbs
  • Spring grade steel fingers and gentle touch silicone grabbers
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • High impact ABS plastic base with standard ACME threading for compatibility with extension poles
  • Effective bulb changing from a rigorously tested and time-proven design
Efficient Bulb Tightening and Loosening
  • Spring steel fingers and a steel coil grabber for bulb changing efficiency
  • Gentle-Touch silicone grabbers are adjustable and cover the eight steel fingers to ensure the tool gets a positive yet gentle grip on the bulb
  • Slide these silicon pads up or down to handle multiple styles and sizes of bulbs
Secure-Lock Thumb Bolt
  • Stainless steel thumb bolt & nut hardware positively secures the changer onto the pole ensuring it does not unscrew from the pole during use
  • The only thing you want threading and unthreading is the bulb itself, not your tool!
  • This is a critical detail often poorly implemented or overlooked entirely on inferior competitor tools using inferior hardware or a design that depends on soft plastic threading

Stay off the ladder. Stay safe. Get the job done with DocaPole.