DocaPole 4" Rake (pole sold separately)

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  • ROOF AND SHRUB RAKE ATTACHMENT – The ideal small tool for raking flower beds and cultivating vegetable gardens is also perfect for clearing debris from roofs. Attach to a DocaPole telescopic extension pole or any standard threaded pole for the maximum benefit to your beautiful home and garden.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT AND DURABLE – The 10-tine design makes for efficient work in small or tight spaces. At 4-inches in width, it is perfect for fine detail work like gardening. It's light weight makes this rake ideal for use atop the longest pole for raking debris from roof drainage systems.
  • POSITIVE LOCK NUT – The easily tightened wing bolt keeps your rake tip locked tightly to any pole.
  • A MULTITUDE OF HOME MAINTENANCE USES – Perfect for: high-reach raking to extend the longevity of your roof drainage systems, long-reach soil cultivating before planting, deep-reach debris clearing along foundations and around landscaping, far-reach flower bed combing after planting. Gather leaves from tight spots, grade base layer aggregates before laying down brick walkways, level decorative rocks, scrape and abrade wet concrete for exacting finishing, reach anywhere that a large rake just can’t manage.
  • COMBINE WITH A DOCAPOLE FOR THE ULTIMATE ROOF AND LANDSCAPING RAKING SOLUTION – Attach to a DocaPole extension pole to rake your high and hard-to-reach roof. Retract the same pole to cultivate flower beds and gardens. (POLE SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • DOCAPOLE 100% GUARANTEE – At DocaPole, we stand by all our extension poles and attachments as the best on the market. We have a 100% guarantee and offer easy-to-access phone support and customer service to all our customers. We encourage you to explore our full range of extension pole products and attachments to get the most out of what DocaPole offers.

DocaPole 4" Roof & Shrub Rake

A small, light rake attachment for long extension poles (pole sold separately)
The Perfect Small Rake for Tight Spaces
  • Rake flower beds.
  • Cultivate vegetable gardens.
  • Clear debris form roofs.
  • 4-inch width for fine detail work.
Innovative Features In A Small Package
  • 4-inch width reaches far without adding much weight.
  • 10-tine design for efficient work in tight spaces.
  • Standard ACME threaded tip for compatibility with most poles.
  • Positive Lock Wing Bolt to prevent tool from spinning.
A Multitude of Uses
  • High-reach raking for home maintenance and longevity of roof drainage systems
  • Long-reach soil cultivating before planting
  • Deep-reach debris clearing along foundations and around landscaping
  • Far-reach flower bed combing after planting
  • Gather leaves from tight spots
  • Grade base layer aggregates before laying down brick walkways
  • Level decorative rocks
  • Scrape and abrade wet concrete for exacting finishing
  • Reach anywhere that a large rake just can’t manage

Stay off the ladder. Stay off the roof. Stay safe. Get the job done with DocaPole.