Big Reach Hook with 7-30ft Extension Pole

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  • HIGHEST QUALITY POLE HOOK ON THE MARKETConstructed from a fire-proof, non-rusting zinc alloy, the DocaPole Big-Reach Hook is the sturdiest pole hook attachment available. Featuring a solid, milled housing unit, wrench nut, locking screw, standard threading, and dual-purpose push + pull design. The Big-Reach Hook is perfect for all your hard-to-reach hanging and retrieval needs.
  • PATENTED PUSH + PULL DESIGNThe M-Shaped hook features both pull hook and push retrieval stubs on the tool, easily facilitating the hanging, pushing, and retrieval of objects in high-up, hard-to-reach places.
  • LOCKING SCREW & WRENCH NUTAttach the hook onto any standard threaded pole and tighten the locking screw to ensure the pole does not spin loose during use. This is the only pole on the market with a locking screw.
  • SO MANY USES – Hang lights, lanterns, wreathes, rope, plants, bird feeders, and clothes hangers. Position and support hard-to-handle objects. Pull branches out of trees or off the roof. Retrieve balls, frisbees, drones, and other objects from trees, roofs, pools, lakes, ponds, and other difficult to reach spots.
  • 30 FOOT MULTI-USE DOCAPOLE EXTENSION POLE – The 7-30 foot premium quality, light-weight aluminum extension pole can be used with a wide variety of attachments. It features a standard threaded metal tip and comes with a removable reinforced nylon hinge tip with 180° of rotation which can be locked at the desired angle to accomplish a wide range of hard-to-access tasks. Thumb lever clasps allow for easy pole extension and retraction. Padded grips make for comfortable use. Use with any DocaPole attachment or other ACME standard threaded attachments.
  • DOCAPOLE 100% GUARANTEE – At DocaPole, we stand by all of our extension poles and attachments as the best on the market. We have a 100% guarantee and offer easy-to-access phone support and customer service to all of our customers. We encourage you to explore our full range of extension pole products and attachments to get the most out of what DocaPole offers.
Big Reach Hook with 30 Foot DocaPole

The DocaPole Big Reach Hook with 30 Foot Extension Pole is the ideal solution for high-reach hanging, pulling, positioning, and retrieval. The extension pole telescopes from 7 to 30 feet providing about 36 feet of reach—enough enough to hang the highest string lights, hang and untangle lines, and pull items out of trees and off roofs.

  • 7 to 30 feet of extension providing 36 feet of reach
  • Solid metal tip + screw-on 180o hinge tip
  • Foam Rubber handle grips
  • Easy-use thumb lever clasps
  • Standard threaded tip for compatibility with other attachments
Innovative "M" Design

The DocaPole Big-Reach Hook boasts a patented push + pull design with welded gusset reinforcement at each angle. The tool's notched "M-design" and end stops maximize control for retrieval tasks as well as hanging ropes, chords, lines, and string lights.

  • Rock-solid steel and zinc hook
  • Patented push-pull design
  • Rust free
  • Secure-fit locking screw
Big-Reach Hook

This super sturdy steel and zinc-coated hook is rust-proof, fire-proof, and ready for any job you throw at it. Featuring a solid, milled housing unit, wrench nut, locking screw, standard threading, and dual-purpose push + pull design, the DocaPole Big-Reach Hook is perfect for all your hard-to-reach hanging and retrieval needs.

Whether it's on the boat, in the truck, or around the house, you'll be surprised how often the DocaPole Big-Reach Hook comes in handy.

Hang or Retrieve Anything with the DocaPole Big Reach Hook

Hang Lights

String decoative lighting on outdoor trees and bushes, tall Christmas trees, and on even the highest home exteriors.

Manage Ropes, Lines and Chords

Manage sail lines, studio chords, theater ropes, rock climbing ropes, extension chords, boat ropes, and all other types of string, ropes, lines and wires.

Hang Items Indoors and Out

Hang bird feeders, hammocks, hanging plants, curtains, rugs, blinds, flags, banners, and any other hanging item.

Pull Down or Retrieve Sticks, Branches and more

Pull down loose branches out of trees and off roofs. Retrieve balls, frisbees, drones, and other items that get stuck in trees or on roofs.

Stay off the ladder. Stay off the roof. Stay safe. Get the job done with DocaPole.